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Evolution Travel has been working 100% online since 2000 and is now the leading Travel Agency and Tour Operator working entirely in the cloud, namely apart from all the other software that can be used on the web, by a simple internet link it runs a network of online Travel Consultants around the world, without any borders and with total freedom of movement.

It is much more though, and perhaps the most difficult thing to explain is that the back office of the two Evolution Travel Agencies, one in Miami in the USA for the Americas and the other in Malta for Europe, employ staff working all over the world: Tunisia, Albania, Malta, Italy, UK, USA, Vietnam. All connected online and in touch with chat rooms, virtual exchanges, Skype, Telegram. Gtalk and any other tools that can be used. This means that the ET offices are not open to the public because they are virtual offices, with no physical staff in them but people who work from home in the various parts of the world.

We work with the leading trade operators and we are also Tour Operators for many different destinations thanks to the excellent work of our Tour Operator Promoters.

What does working as a tour operator mean?
It means creating the product.

Being free to design and customise your trip to offer you a holiday according to the Evolution Travel Style – i.e. like a tailor made dress or suit exactly cut to your size.

3 fundamental factors for our everyday work

  1. Help the customer to choose their trip

    To help the customer choose means first and foremost to consider what that person’s real needs and desires are. It might seem trite, but how often have you wanted to buy something but you get the impression that the assistant is just not listening to you or, even worse, you end up with something you really do not want or need? Travel is much more than just an object for us, even a really valuable one. For us, travel means to make our customer’s dream come true, the trip has to be created together with them step by step until it becomes reality, so that when they come home they say: “Thank you! It was an awesome experience!”. This is what working well means for us.

  2. Make things easy

    There used to be the high street travel agencies (and there still are luckily), but you had to go there specifically and wait until you could talk to somebody and hope you could find what you were looking for. We have simplified everything by exploiting all the potential of the internet, and decided to create a network of online Travel Consultants who are easy to contact from your home, but still with the same direct communication with the person who assists you from the start to the end of your trip and beyond. You can contact your trusted Travel Consultant in the way you prefer: through our website, by skype, phone, email or even friending them on Facebook.

    You can easily find all the contacts for your Travel Consultant in every page of the website.

  1. Sharing creates wealth for us all

    The products you find in this website are the result of the know-how and experience of the individual Travel Consultant who created the site. What does that mean? It means that the entire network of online Travel Consultants in Evolution Travel can count on all this knowledge and experience, and pass it on to the customer. Perhaps you want to go to India for a Ayurveda holiday, or to discover the quieter and more relaxing side of Ibiza, to organize an arctic safari in Finland or explore the most scenographic parks in Southern Tanzania, or ….. the list is endless and it is like having a hundred experts working just for you, so tell us who you are, where you want to go and … just pack your suitcase because we will really do everything else!


We love our work and every day we devote all our passion and enthusiasm to our customers, because we are convinced that is the only way we can do our job well and ensure they are satisfied.

We are waiting for you!
Your trip, our passion.


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