How to book

Would you like to make a booking or receive further information on one of our offers? Have you already chosen your holiday and want clarifications on the available payment conditions?
Here is all the information necessary on:

how to request information
how to book
payment conditions

– Firstly choose one of the hundreds of packages we offer on our site: flights, structures, and theme holidays.
– Read all the details carefully, including the important information on prices and available dates.
– Forward your information request. It is simple and quick: fill in the form present in every offer file and you will receive further information about the offer and how to proceed for the booking.

Notice: Requesting information does not commit you to the purchasing of the package: Your reservation will be confirmed only after the payment has been received. We remind you, however, that requests are not processed by a machine, but by a person who will try to provide you with the best possible solution, trying to comply your needs with the best offers on the market in terms of price and quality.

– After having sent your request, you will receive an email or a phone call on the basis of your request, in order to personalise your budget. You will then receive another e-mail to confirm the details agreed with the Promoter and to state the payment conditions.
– After the payment has been received, your travelling documents will be sent by e-mail or express mail. Generally this will occur on the Tuesday before your departure. For Last-minute departures, document s will be sent from a maximum time of 3 days to a minimum of 1 day prior your departure.

To forward your payment and to confirm your booking, you can choose between the following payment methods:

a) Credit Card
If you have chosen to pay by credit card Mastercard, Visa, American Express, China UnionPay, Discover & Diners and Japan Credit Bureau, you will receive from your trusted promoter a link to a secure server integrated with SSL3 and SHTTP technology to make absolute protection of your transaction, guaranteeing maximum data security and immediate booking confirmation.
Evolution Travel uses the most advanced technology in terms of safety:

– Secure servers integrated with SSL3 (Secure Socket Layer) and SHTTP (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) technology, two protocols that allow the encrypted exchange of information and that guarantee the privacy of internet communications.
– The most recent and advanced technologies allow you to communicate in order to prevent intrusions, tampering and falsifications, by encrypting information and ensuring that internet transactions remain private and carried out in absolute protection and safety.

b) Instant SEPA transfer
The transfer made with the Sepa Instant circuit to the coordinates below arrives in real time and allows immediate confirmation of the reservation.

Beneficiary: Evolution Travel Ltd
IBAN: LT593740020000001181
Circuit: Sepa Instant
Bank: UAB ConnectPay

c) SEPA transfer
If you have chosen to make the transfer through the ordinary Sepa circuit, below we indicate the coordinates and we remind you that it takes a few days to be credited. This type of bank transfer is recommended for balance payments for bookings already confirmed and validated only upon actual receipt on the account.

Beneficiary: Evolution Travel Ltd
IBAN: MT85PYMX09014000000927620100001
Circuit: SEPA
Bank: Finance Incorporated Ltd

Beneficiary: Evolution Travel Ltd
IBAN: LT413110090453312110
Circuit: SEPA
Bank: UAB Maneuver LT

d) Cryptocurrencies
If, on the other hand, you wish to pay with one of the following cryptocurrencies, you will find the specific indications below:

BTC – Bitcoin
BTC wallet address: 17ikrjkwjtAEPw4Vs9rYxm6x588j74vPSZ
ETH – Ethereum
ETH wallet address: 0x495A51071c2D5f1a350E0A4b223bf08a3feD5793
DASH – Dash
DASH wallet address: XgMAEaWd6WuM1zNJYwPnVgvb32pGqLqRds

For any other information, please contact your trusted promoter who will be happy to help you!
Have a good trip with Evolution Travel!