The Secret of Evolution Travel’s Training

Training is the basis of any path

Especially in today’s society that demands increasingly better preparation, training is a must so that we can guarantee our clients the right service.

That’s why an Evolution Travel’s online Travel Consultant’s training never ends!

It starts with a “Basic Course” in which every tool for managing clients is taught, from booking to interacting with the market operators. Once the first step has been completed, the basic training is constantly enriched on a daily basis by online sessions, live and educational events, and everything the consultant needs to grow both professionally and in their personal life.

Every week tour Travel Consultants are proposed an average of 2-4 online training sessions on different subjects: from destinations to better phone sales techniques, from managing clients to technical procedures and web marketing strategies …
For an average of 150 e-learning sessions per year!

Additional training to complement what is learnt online comes in the form of Live Events such as our “Open Days”. These are training days arranged in various Italian cities by reference people in our network. Moreover, there are our “Educationals” that are stays in the destinations we deal with, so that our consultants can propose first-hand experience to our clients. Lastly our annual “Convention” is an important training and relational moment for its participants.